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Price Public tour:                          

$95 per person

$65 per child 

*Depending on availability 

Duration: half day

Price Private tour:                         

$1970 up to 8people

Duration: half day

Experience the Gold Coast of Costa Rica from the deck of a Catamaran. Enjoy a variety of wildlife sightings such as dolphins, sea turtles, and indigenous species of beautiful fish along with an open bar, lunch and snacks.
Snorkel equipment is provided and our guests are given an hour to swim among the rocky reefs looking for exotic sea life.

Following lunch we pull anchor, raise the sails and casually motor sail across the bay. We arrive at our final anchor location as the sun nears the horizon and the sky explodes into a multitude of colors.


Open var, lunch & snorkel equipment

Things to Bring:

beach towels, sunblock


BBQ chicken, yellow Spanish rice, fruit, chips, black bean puree, pico de gallo, and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Important notes:

Smoking is prohibited
We don’t board any passenger under the influence of alcohol
All passengers must be barefoot on board, there’s a selected area to leave the sandals All passenger must use Lifeguard jackets and flotation device or "noodle" while snorkeling Do not jump into the water while the boat is in motion or while the engines are turned on.
To access the boat's bathrooms u must go down three steps, this could be very hard for people with mobility impairment

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