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Forest Path


The Monteverde cloud forest is located in the northwestern part of Costa Rica, the mountains intercept the northeast winds which turn into rain or form clouds that go through the forest. In the cloud forests, there are plenty of trees covered with orchids, bromeliads, ferns, moss, and vines, while the canopy is extremely rich with birds, insects, butterflies and thousands of plants. All of these we will enjoy on the Canopy Tour. Part of this amazing area is to show you hummingbirds and the bright colors on their fast-moving bodies at the hummingbird gallery. After lunch, enjoy a relaxing walk through the butterfly garden and admire the beautiful butterflies flying around you and the amazing colors on their wings.

Price: $115 per person


Times: 6 a.m.


Duration: All day.


Things to Bring: Secure close-toed footwear, towel, swim cloth.

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