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Zip Line Canopy Tour

Price: From $78 per person 

Prices may vary depending on the provider we use.


Duration: 2 hours

Come enjoy the most intense emotion you have ever experienced while flying freely through the tree tops. Our canopy tour will have you zipping from tree top to tree top at high speeds.
This tour offers the unique experience of touring the diverse ecosystem of Costa Rica's forest canopy with a bird eye view. Along the way you're likely to encounter local wildlife, that may include some howler monkeys, iguanas, forest birds or even a sloth! No previous experience is necessary.


We work with many different canopies throughout all of Costa Rica where you can explore up to 15 ziplines. Some lines are up to a mile long and up to 600 feet high. Canopy tours often include Tarzan swings, rappels, suspension bridges and much more.

Ages: Ages 5+

Zip Line Restrictions:

Minimum weight is 60 lbs (27 kilos) for the short lines and Quick Jump and 85 lbs (40 kg) to do the entire circuit, including Superman.
Maximum weight is 280 lbs (130 kg)


Things to Bring:

Secure close-toed footwear, adventure camera, sunblock.

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